All of our plants are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Frontier Industrial Co., Ltd. contributes to creating a better environment and rich culture.

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Frontier Industrial directs its efforts toward reducing the environmental impact arising from the company's activities, encourages its employees to be environmentally conscious, and provides development programs that assist them to be citizens of high moral character.

Environmental Management Systems
All of our plants (Main Plant in Kadoma, Osaka, Kami Plant in Hyogo, and Hangzhou Plant in China ) are ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certified.
Basic Philosophy
All employees make efforts to contribute to the local community under the basic philosophy of compatibility between global environmental protection and business activities in order to allow the company to continue to grow permanently while existing harmoniously in the global environment.

Environmental Policy
Under the slogan, "Contribute to creating a better environment and rich culture," Frontier Industrial acts as a good corporate citizen in the local community, addresses environmental protection, and continuously promotes the activities shown below.

1. Promote resource saving, recycling, waste reduction, energy saving, and pollution prevention in all business activities.
2. Supply environmentally friendly, energy-saving products.
3. Set environmental goals and targets, direct efforts to achieve them, and continuously make improvements.
4. Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations plus environmental considerations as agreed upon by the company.
5. Ensure that this environmental policy is thoroughly shared by all employees and made open to the public.